We Picked the Century’s Top Films. You Told Us Where We Could Go.

KEVIN RICHARD WHITE I’m sorry, but someone is taking the piss by having Million Dollar Baby that far up on the list. Or even on the list at all.

DANA CELESTE ROBINSON Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind at 24? It should be in the Top Five. The soundtrack alone is a masterpiece.

TOM CATES I’ve seen few enough of these 25 to be personally offended, but glad fury road getting more love. I just saw it recently for the third time, and was already looking forward to the fourth before it ended.

BARBARA STRANGEMAN I don’t get all the love for the Mad Max movie. Other than special effects, crashes, explosions … it’s a chase movie with good special effects. Hardly Casablanca.

RAUL MEHTA The fact that Mad Max Fury Road made it but Inception didn’t shows how horrendous this list is.


Doug Jones as the Faun in Guillermo del Toro’s “Pan’s Labyrinth,” which was another reader favorite.

Teresa Isasi/Picturehouse

MATTHEW BLACK I’m not sure what I’d take off this list since I haven’t seen all 25 of the films, but mine would definitely include Pan’s Labyrinth, The Lives of Others, Amelie, Lost in Translation, and City of God.

JENNIFER HOLAK I would love to sneak Pans labyrinth, La La Land, Inception, Little Miss Sunshine, finding Nemo, Lost in Translation in there. Some are all around amazing, some were just incredibly groundbreaking.

PAUL SCHRADER, filmmaker: Managed to skip my number one and two choices: In the Mood for Love and Clouds of Sils Maria.

DAN KENNY Quite surprised that Mulholland Drive and In the Mood for Love were left off, not to mention Pan’s Labyrinth. But the omission of Lynch’s masterpiece is especially surprising.

GABRIELE GABE CAPOLINO Given its importance and the critical acknowledgment it’s gotten especially lately, Mulholland Drive’s missing is at least bizarre (if not criminal).

LYDIA AUDIBERT you forgot the greatest, the visionary one, the one that tells of basics and essentials of life I mean “the beasts of the southern wild”

MICHIEL JANSEN-DINGS Boyhood: it got a lot of good press, but was only a mediocre film. Million Dollar Baby: a good one, but definitely not a top 25 movie. Munich: quite an interesting story, but the script was a joke (to say the least). And at last The 40-Year Old Virgin: what on earth were you thinking; what on earth were you drinking?

MATT CULLEN As an aside, THANK YOU for not choosing “The Tree of Life.” I’m horrified by how many critics rank that as a top film.

MICHAEL COHEN Most I never heard of, some of the choices are ridiculous but they got it right with There Will Be Blood

CHRISTINE ROTHMAN Excellent list. Kudos for including Eternal Sunshine & 40 Year Old Virgin.

EDWARD GILHOOLY i am not going to express my opinion here. instead i will submit an objective truth: this list is complete and utter hogwash.

PATRICK GIRAUDEAU Surprised by how good this list was.

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