‘The Odyssey’ Explores the Life of Jacques Cousteau


Lambert Wilson, center, as Jacques Cousteau in “The Odyssey.”

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Its Homeric title notwithstanding, Jérôme Salle’s “The Odyssey” is less an epic than a standard biopic of the explorer-turned-filmmaker Jacques-Yves Cousteau, as played by Lambert Wilson.

Featuring Audrey Tautou as his wife, Simone, the film will close the Rendez-Vous With French Cinema series at Lincoln Center, on Sunday, March 12. But its chief calling cards are spectacular underwater sequences filmed by Matias Boucard.

The movie begins with a flash-forward sequence of the younger of Cousteau’s two sons, Philippe (Pierre Niney), with whom he was often in conflict, crashing his flying boat into a river in 1979. It then jumps back three decades to observe Jacques’s departure from the French Navy and his early oceanographic expeditions undertaken when Philippe was 10. (filmlinc.org)

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