Pavel Sheremet, Journalist in Ukraine, Is Killed in Car Bombing


The site where the journalist Pavel Sheremet was killed by a car bombing in Kiev, Ukraine, on Wednesday.

Valentyn Ogirenko/Reuters

MOSCOW — A prominent radio and television journalist in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, was killed in a car bombing on Wednesday, officials said, in one of the highest-profile assassinations of a reporter in years in the country.

The journalist, Pavel Sheremet, 44, a Belarussian citizen who had worked for Russian state television before moving to Ukraine to host a morning radio news program five years ago, died when the car he was driving exploded near Kiev’s government quarter.

Mr. Sheremet was among several well-known journalists in Russia who moved to Ukraine, where restrictions on the news media are looser, around the time a new government took over in the country, in 2014. Members of this group have been highly critical of the new leadership.

The explosion scattered car parts over paving stones and sent them into a swirl of orange flames, photographs of the scene showed.

Yuriy V. Lutsenko, the Ukrainian prosecutor general, said on Facebook that a car bomb had caused the explosion, and he ruled out a technical fault with the vehicle.

Mr. Sheremet, the only occupant of the car, reported for Vesti, a radio news show based in Kiev.

In Russia, Mr. Sheremet had worked for ORT, a leading state-owned television station in Russia.

The car belonged to Mr. Sheremet’s girlfriend, Olena Prytula, a founding editor of Ukrainska Pravda, a well-respected news outlet whose journalists, like others in the former Soviet Union, have been targeted for retribution.

In 2000, a Ukrainska Pravda reporter, Georgiy Gongadze, who had been highly critical of the president at the time, Leonid Kuchma, was killed and beheaded, a death that still resonates in Ukrainian journalistic circles.

In Russia, the opposition leader Mikhail N. Kasyanov issued a statement calling Mr. Sheremet’s killing “terrible” and praising him as a journalist who “didn’t compromise with his conscience.”

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