‘Love Actually’ Youngsters, Grown Up and Reunited for a Short Sequel


Thomas Brodie-Sangster and Liam Neeson in “Red Nose Day Actually.”

Sarah M Lee

LONDON — Liam Neeson and Thomas Brodie-Sangster, playing a father and his stepson, are sitting on a bench overlooking the Thames, discussing love. Yes, fans of the 2003 Richard Curtis movie “Love Actually,” you know the scene.

But on a chilly, sunny day last month, Mr. Neeson and Mr. Brodie-Sangster were out on that bench again, 14 years older and still on the same topic. They were filming a short sequel that Mr. Curtis, who wrote and directed the original movie, has made for Comic Relief’s Red Nose Day, an annual fund-raiser he co-founded in 1986, and that extended its mission to the United States in 2015. (The sequel, “Red Nose Day Actually,” is likely to be about 10 minutes long and will be broadcast in Britain on BBC One on Friday, and in the United States on NBC on May 25.)