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The menu next to the Post button allows you to choose who can see the item you are about to share on Facebook.

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Q. When I check into a restaurant or add it as a location to a photo on Facebook, can the restaurant’s page see my post?

A. Facebook allows you to set an “audience” for a post, which basically means you can decide which groups of people can see what you share on your timeline page. You can choose to make the post Public, where everyone on the web can see it — or you can limit your audience to just the people on your overall friends list, to subsets of people on specific lists among your friends or to yourself.

To select the audience for a post, use the drop-down menu in the status update box. The menu should be set to whatever audience you used the last time, so if you shared a post only with friends, the menu will stay on Friends until you change it to something else.

If you add a location to a post that is set to Friends or a smaller group, the people who manage the restaurant’s page will not see it. If the post is set to Public, the managers of the restaurant’s page can see it.

However, if you decide to use the tagged image from the restaurant as a cover photo or profile picture, the restaurant’s page managers could see it. This is because Facebook makes each user’s cover photo and profile photo visible as public information — which means everyone on the site and even people who do not use Facebook can see it. If you do not want the restaurant’s Facebook-page managers to see the photo if you decide to use it as a cover shot or profile image, remove the location tag before you post it.

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