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From left, Mehmet Sözer, Maria Furtwängler and Christoph Rath in “The Weather Inside.”

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Be careful what you wish for. In “The Weather Inside,” an ominous film about internal turmoil in an Arabian hot zone, the jaded main character, Dorothea, says, “I wish a boy from the circus would suddenly appear and carry me off.” But the relationship she falls into eventually morphs from diverting to ominous. Maria Furtwängler, who plays Dorothea, and the film’s director, Isabelle Stever, are scheduled to be on hand when “The Weather Inside” opens this year’s Kino! Festival of German films on Thursday, April 7, at Landmark’s Sunshine Cinema in the East Village. The festival runs through April 14 and also features a restored “The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari,” which will be screened on April 11 with a live soundtrack by the D.J. Raphaël Marionneau. Eleven feature films are on the schedule, including three others by female directors: “The Spiderwebhouse” by Mara Eibl-Eibesfeldt; “Hedi Schneider Is Stuck,” by Sonja Heiss; and “The Fassbinder Story,” a documentary by Annekatrin Hendel. For schedule and locations:

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