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Hannah Bronfman, the social media star, who is preparing for her wedding, says she is trying to meditate and de-stress.

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Hannah Bronfman, 29, is what you might call a millennial multihyphenate, D.J.’ing fashion parties at night, posing for Adidas and fueling her social media empire by day. (Her Instagram following numbers 357,000 and counting.) Recently she also expanded her Hbfit.com site with the addition of video. Ms. Bronfman grew up on the Upper East Side, but these days she is more likely to be found below 14th Street, in the East Village, which she calls home. This month she is preparing for her wedding to her fellow D.J., Brendan Fallis. Here, learn the beauty products and services she will be relying on.

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Skin Care

My biggest issue is hyperpigmentation and evening out my skin tone. I also break out easily so there are a lot of things I can’t use. I use a cleanser from iS Clinical, and then I spray on this really lovely rose tonic from Pratima. I mix two different vitamin C serums, one by Glossier, called Super C, and one from Drunk Elephant. During the day, I use the 37 Actives cream by Dr. Macrene. And depending on the weather, I might use the Sun Drops by Dr. Barbara Sturm. Dr. Sturm also has a line with Angela Bassett that’s geared toward pigmented skin, and that’s how I first heard about her. One day I was in an Instagram hole, looking at all these beautiful dark girls with beautiful skin, and they were talking about the line.

At night, I have a foam cleanser I love from a natural Canadian brand called Consonant. I’ve been using it since college. I use that as a first layer of cleansing, then I use either a prescription sulfur-based wash or this facial bar by Drunk Elephant. Then I use P50 by Biologique Recherche, the one for pigmentation. That’s a pretty heavy-duty product. The first time I tried it, it was way too intense, and I didn’t use it again for three years. But then the founder of Vintner’s Daughter — they have some of the few oils that don’t break me out — said she uses P50, and I thought I’d try it again.

After that, I like the Hydra-Cool Serum by iS Clinical. If I’m traveling a lot, I put a Laneige Water Sleeping Mask on top of that. I love the idea of something other than an oil.

I’m prone to breaking out on my chest and back because I work out a lot. I’ve been using a body wash by Cane & Austin, and my skin has been reacting so well to it. Actually Cane + Austin just opened its first medi spa, and I’m going there to do my first ever back facial. No one ever wants to talk about “bacne,” but I’m getting married and my dress is backless. I have to get my skin in check. After the shower and before I towel dry, I mix an oil by Mun and another by Pratima. Those, along with Vintner’s Daughter, are the only oils in my regimen.

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