Farhad’s Week in Tech: Big Tech Is Pouring Love on America. Thank Trump?


Outside an Amazon building in Seattle.

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Good morning, readers! It was an interesting week in the tech world. Let’s get to the news.

U.S. Apple! U.S. Amazon!

One thread in the yearlong backlash against the tech industry concerns inequality. Many tech giants are built on scale — the idea that they can serve billions of customers while employing far fewer people than corporate giants of yore. Those dynamics are good for business, but they don’t make for great optics. There’s a danger that tech C.E.O.s come to be seen as out-of-touch coastal elites.

Well, they want you to know they aren’t.

Amazon is so all-in on America that it wants to open another headquarters here; on Thursday, the company announced the 20 cities that made its cut as possible locations. There’s one city in Canada — Toronto — and several coastal enclaves (New York, Washington, Los Angeles), but there’s oh-so-much Middle America here, too. Wherever it ends up is, at this point, almost beside the point; Amazon has won so much positive coverage from the selection process that it can already count the story as a big win.

Meanwhile, in its own very well-designed press release, Apple announced this week that it would bring a historic pile of cash back to America. The company has about $270 billion in cash, but it had parked most of it overseas for tax reasons. Under the new tax code signed into law last year by President Trump, Apple said, it will pay $38 billion in taxes on that money — the largest tax bill ever paid — and invest billions in new facilities and people in the United States. The company is also giving many of its employees a $2,500 bonus.

Apple’s announcement made Trump very happy. And the president’s victory lap is, I think, somewhat deserved. Trump and the tech industry have not had the warmest relationship, but it’s clear that his campaign — in which he constantly harangued Apple and Amazon for perceived slights — has shaken the industry from its presumption that everyone in the country loves it.

Crypto Collapse

Just a few weeks ago, people brave enough to enter the market for Bitcoin and its many rival electronic currencies looked like lucky geniuses. They were suddenly making millions, even billions — and you were kicking yourself for overlooking the crypto boom.

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