Eddie Huang Isn’t Afraid to Wear Fur and Vintage Versace

The writer, restaurateur and former lawyer Eddie Huang is probably best known for his 2013 memoir, “Fresh Off the Boat,” not to mention his trashing of the ABC sitcom based on the book. So it makes sense that Mr. Huang, the host of Viceland’s “Huang’s World,” which returns for its second season on June 28, has a brash, unapologetic wardrobe.


Mr. Huang’s 24-karat ring was made by Justin the Jeweler on Canal Street.

Nathan Bajar for The New York Times

Raised in Orlando, Fla., and the Washington, D.C., area, Mr. Huang splits his time these days between Brooklyn and Los Angeles. He usually wears sweats while working on his novel or screenplay, but away from the desk, he doesn’t shy away from fur, vintage Versace and gold.

1 Pants Most of the time I wear these velour Adidas sweatpants. I particularly wear this dark purple one a lot. The pants are really comfortable, and in a weird way, because they’re dark, they kind of go with everything. I’ve been wearing them since last fall. Then they got very popular. Kim Kardashian wore the same ones after she got robbed in Paris.


Mr. Huang is the host of “Huang’s World” on Viceland.

Nathan Bajar for The New York Times

2 Jacket I got this white fur jacket from Proper Gang, which might be rabbit fur. I bought it from Opening Ceremony. It’s not the heaviest jacket, so you can even wear it for warmer weather. I wore it to a Knicks game with a T-shirt and some gold accessories.

3 Shoes If we’re talking sneakers, a lot of us were Nike heads for a while. Then I really feel like there’s been a switch over to Adidas. I did do a shoe collaboration with Adidas, but putting that aside, it’s really because of the Boost sole. It’s the most comfortable sole in the game right now.

4 Accessory I have a 24k ring that says “Rice” that I had made by my boy Justin the Jeweler. He’s on Canal Street, right next to Citibank.

5 Shirt I got a couple vintage Versace silk shirts recently. They’re old, with Egyptian gods and things on them. They’re pretty cool. I got them from Brian Procell, who’s this big vintage dealer on Delancey Street. I’ve known him for about 10 years.

I wear a lot of vintage, but less now than, say, about three years ago. So many kids now wear the vintage hip-hop concert tees. That vintage concert tee look is just annoying at this point. I think it’s something people in New York know how to do. Then you come to L.A. and someone like [Justin] Bieber wears it with a fedora and I’m like, “I hate my closet now.”

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