A Tour of Bill Whitaker’s High-Rise Living Room in Harlem

Bill Whitaker

Age 66

Occupation Journalist; correspondent on “60 Minutes”

Location Harlem

His Favorite Room When Mr. Whitaker landed at “60 Minutes” in 2014, he and his wife, Terry, left Los Angeles after two decades and moved to a modern apartment overlooking Central Park. The transition has been made easier by the breathtaking views from the glass-walled living room, and by certain perks of high-rise living. “Not having to clean the gutters or rake the backyard has been nice,” Mr. Whitaker said.


“You can see all the way down to One World Trade Center,” Mr. Whitaker said.

Nathan Bajar for The New York Times

I can see why you chose this apartment. I could stare out these windows all day.

I just never, ever tire of that. You can see all the way down to One World Trade Center. At night, it’s like a jewel box. You see all the lights flashing in Times Square. You’re part of it, but at a remove.


Mr. Whitaker bought this figure, modeled on Mexican wrestlers, from an artist in Los Angeles.

Nathan Bajar for The New York Times

You were the CBS News Tokyo correspondent for four years. Is that where you bought the Asian furniture and art?

These are all things from my travels. I think my favorite piece is the one behind you. It’s a stair-step tansu. This one was used in a farmhouse. We got this in Tokyo in about ’91.

I love these African wood sculptures, and the antique Buddha head. You and your wife have a great eye.

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