A Solo Trek for Indigenous Rights in Australia Enters the Homestretch


Clinton Pryor is walking from Perth to Canberra to draw attention to the treatment of Indigenous Australians.

Joe Armao/The Age, via Fairfax Media

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A man walking across the country for the rights of Indigenous Australians reaches New South Wales.

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Closing In on the End of a Long Road

Meeting the prime minister might require some finagling, but one man is walking across Australia to try to do so. Clinton Pryor of Perth is heading toward Sydney on his way to Parliament in Canberra in a walk championing rights for Indigenous Australians.

“I want to tell the prime minister to give elders the full control over the community,” Mr. Pryor wrote on his website, where he describes himself as a “Wajuk, Balardung, Kija and a Yulparitja man from the West.”

Mr. Pryor, worried that government interference will lead to defunding of services for Indigenous Australian communities, wants to ask Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to “give us a treaty and let us live our life how we always have done.”

His crossing into New South Wales comes during a week in which indigenous issues are high on the political agenda. On Monday, a panel set up by the prime minister urged that a referendum be held to vote on whether to establish a body to represent Indigenous Australian interests.

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