A Guide to Cap Ferret, the Cape Cod of France

Sail Fish

After midnight, this 33-year-old restaurant clears out its tables and transforms into one of Cap Ferret’s few nightclubs (not to mention concessions to what the French call “le bling-bling”), where the upscale garden-party atmosphere, achieved with wicker chairs and ivy foliage, is offset by disco balls. Somehow, though, the peninsula’s relaxed spirit persists. Guests can often be seen recovering the next day down the road at the owners’ Sail Fish Café, opened in 2015, a surfer-glam destination for lunch and dinner (bento boxes, fried seafood and maki rolls).

Chez Pascal

A morning queue snakes past the front door of this roadside bakery, famous for its baguettes and, especially, its addictive dunes blanches, bite-size pastries of flaky dough topped with crystallized sugar and filled with an airy cream. You can choose from six flavors, including Nutella, salted caramel and sesame nougat.

Le Kykouyou

A meander through lanes lined with tiny, brightly painted wood cottages in the historic fishermen’s quarter of the village of L’Herbe leads to a cluster of waterfront cabanes à huîtres (oyster huts), at which you can slurp both bivalves and dry white wines from nearby Graves. One of the most charming is Le Kykouyou, where mismatched chairs sit under a canopy forged from driftwood just steps from the bay’s oyster beds. 011-33-5-56-60-90-06.


Multicolored bamboo and plastic lanterns for sale at Gilberte with Love.

Sabine Mirlesse


A fountain in Lège-Cap-Ferret.

Sabine Mirlesse


Jane de Boy

A destination since it opened in 1999, this concept shop stocks a trove of clothes, accessories and home décor from up-and-coming European designers: velvet pants from Forte Forte and beaded turquoise bracelets by Mademoiselle Antoinette share space with a Louis XV couch and walls crowded with vintage posters, while straw hats and neon scarves are scattered across shelves lined with design books, perfumes, candles and snakeskin clutches.

Marché du Cap Ferret

Open daily during the summer months, this market has all the provisions for a beach picnic, including cheeses, paté, fraises des bois and red and white wines from Bordeaux. Shoppers can also browse stalls belonging to artisans selling everything from pillowcases made of antique linens to vintage floral rompers to monogrammed straw baskets. Avenue du Monument Saliens & Rue des Mouettes.

Gilberte with Love

This boutique’s mix of eclectic artisanal delights for the body and home evokes a chic ’70s-era bazaar. Shelves are stocked with organic skincare products from Océopin, made from the seeds of local pines, and exotic teas from Les Jardins de Gaïa, while midcentury modern lamps, Moroccan shag rugs and paper lanterns make for a cheery palette. 011-33-5-24-18-56-94.

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